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Black Friday - Buyer Beware - Don't get busted on budget tech!

Coastal Computer - Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black Friday is here and there are plenty of ads for amazing deals on tech. You might see some incredible deals on computers, laptops, and tablets. However, buyer beware! Make sure what you are buying will last you long enough that it’s worth what you pay for it! Here are a few tips to make sure your hard-earned cash isn’t thrown down the drain.

Buy brand name tech.

When you see an amazing offer for a laptop or tablet, check the brand name. Is it a familiar name like Lenovo, Toshiba, or Sony? Watch out for unknown brands, for instance, “Everex” or, lower quality products rebranded with “familiar” household names such as “Memorex” or “RCA”. While the deals might seem amazing, the quality is not. And, when it comes time to look for parts or support, these lesser known and unknown or rebranded laptops and tablets fall short. Stick to brand names you know and you’ll be better off in the long run.

Get the manufacturer’s warranty.

For the most reliable deals on tech on Black Friday we recommend the manufacturers’ websites. The manufacturers, such as Lenovo, Dell, and others, are competing with online retailers like Amazon and brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy on Black Friday, so you can get some great deals, right from the source. When you do, get the 3-year warranty. Also for portable devices, the accidental drop and spill warranty is good, and a must for tech for teenagers ☺ This way you can be sure the deal you get will provide enjoyment without any headaches in case something goes wrong.

Watch out for outdated Operating Systems and last year’s models.

A device might seem to have comparable specs to new hardware, but the operating system may be out of date with no way to upgrade. Many stores also repackage last year’s models as “the latest model”, simply because they haven’t received a newer of that product in stock. Be careful, make sure you are always comparing the latest models to each other. There are slight differences in the main CPU and chipsets that are upgraded each year with the new models. By paying attention to release dates, you can be sure you spend towards the future and not the past when buying technology. Taking your time, evaluating the deals, and making a wise decision is the best way to make you get your money’s worth in the long run. Wherever you shop, follow these tips to be sure you don't get busted on budget tech this Black Friday!


*Photo credit Flickr user Michael Holden